Porky’s Best Special Spicy Pork Skin Crackling or Chicharon

Porky's Best Special Spicy Pork Skin Crackling or Chicharon

Photo by The Foodie Mommy

Porky’s Best Special Spicy Pork Skin Crackling or Chicharon as it is locally called was our afternoon snacks after we came back home at my parent’s place which we visited after we had done voting for the 2013 Mid Term Elections. My family shared the small two packs we bought. We should have bought more. I’ll take note of that next time.

We bought this at NCCC Mall where we had our lunch since we missed breakfast before heading to my parent’s place. I wanted to buy a cake that’s why we went to NCCC but we ended up buying this instead since the Beloy’s stall beside it had no stock of the boneless lechon belly.

Porky’s Best cooks your order of chicharon fresh and right there while the customer waits for 2 to 3 minutes and it’s done. Chicharon lovers delight in eating hot and freshly made pork chicharon that is really delicious. It is among their most popular products more than their processed meats which are among their first products that they make and sell.  It was a “hit” that they opened one store after another with frying stations in all the major malls in the  Davao City.

It has been awhile since we have eaten their chicharon. A few years ago, we would frequent the stall they have nearest our office and we would drop by often to buy freshly cooked chicharon. I even remember I craved for it for awhile when I was pregnant. I had to control of course. I promised myself then I’ll give in back to that craving after I give birth. That was years ago.

They have many branches around the city and they even have one now near our parents’ home making it more accessible to cater to their customers in that area.

Six years ago in 2007 they launched the Microwavable Chicharon which is to cater the world market since they had expanded outside Davao then to Kidapawan, Makilala, General Santos, Marbel, Tagum, Mati, Iloilo and Zamboanga even to Visayas and Luzon starting with Metro Manila. Goes to show how many of us Filipinos love their pork chicharon. Did you know that Porky’s Best was among the first to be recognized as DAVAO QUALITY -  THE BEST NO LESS? Yes to this all time fave chicharon from Davao. 

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